Back at it again with the blogs

So here I am once again…blogging. I don’t have the attention span nor the perseverant nature to stick to this for long but we shall see where it goes.  I’m trying not to make this “work” but also want it to work (ha I’m so clever!)   I’m hoping that the blog actually becomes something more than just the life and time’s of me.

Currently I am at work and I am bored which is a pleasant change from yesterday. Yesterday was so busy (read: STRESSFUL) that I contemplated suicide, homicide and just quitting. The good news is that I survived the day, the bad news is that I had to come back 😦

There are moments when I think “This job isn’t so bad” and other moments when I want to get hit by a bus so I can miss work for as long as possible. And that’s not healthy my friends. That’s why I have decided that this right now is my last (and first) full time 9-5 (8-4 actually) job. I can’t shan’t and won’t live my life like this! I want to live on my own time…gosh I’d like to be able to take a nap at 2:00 in the afternoon after I’ve eaten lunch. I really can’t understand how someone can remain at one boring desk job for years…kudos and sympathy to you poor unfortunate souls.

But I’m toughing it out for now. I’ll be heading off to University soon and I don’t intend on return to this job or anything similar. If you’re asking me how I’m going to accomplish this, my answer is that how is not my business (law of attraction people know what I’m saying.

This post may have been slightly over the top.It’s PMS time and I don’t hold back the emotions (but I physically contain them depending on the environment.

So bye for now!


Why Are We So Obsessed with Money?

Money is a big deal.  Money is a heavy word.  People always want money. But why?  I understand the obvious reason: we need money to buy things, but we’ve  made money out to be some sort of god… Or like unicorn or something.
Let’s be honest money is not what we want. If I gave you the choice between getting 500 $100 dollar bills but I said you can’t buy anything with it or getting a round trip plane ticket to wherever you wanted to go,  a closet full of new clothes and unlimited supply of food and a brand new house. Which would you choose?  I’m betting option number 2.

Money is a means to an end and it is not the end result. And let’s face it,  the majority of us always have money. We may not have 1 million in the bank but even a $50 will get you somewhere or something so appreciate it and stop chasing after money like its the love of your life.

I’m not saying this because I myself am a millionaire, believe me I’m not (yet) a millionaire. But I remember before I had a job I wasn’t concerned about whether I had money or not and my friends always used to say that I always had money and that I was a rich girl etc etc.  After working I started worrying about money and there a times when I just don’t know where my money goes but I swear I’m spending less than before!

It’s so weird how wanting more gets you less.  So relax about the money because there are other ways to get what you want and worrying about money will result in you having less.

You Can Have Anything You Want

Sometimes people want things and it seems like they’re impossible things and so we limit ourselves and maybe even decide we shouldn’t want those things because we can’t have them. But that’s not true.

We can have anything we want. Yeah I said it. I’m claiming this as truth because it is. And the way to realize that truth is to realize this: you’re always after a feeling!

I had to bold and underline that one 5o get the point across. Think of something you really want (something that might even seem impossible) and get to the root of why you want it and you will find that it’s because you think this thing will make you feel a certain way.

Example: I want a million dollars. Why? So that I’ll be able to buy anything I want. Why? Because knowing I can afford those things makes me feel good, makes me feel abundant. Ah ha! Now we’ve found the root of your desire. You don’t want the million dollars, you want to feel abundance!

And when you accept that what you really want is to feel abundant then you can have that in smaller, easier ways. Treat someone to a cup of coffee because you can afford that and feel abundant. Buy yourself that cup of coffee because you can afford that.  Put on your fancy clothes that make you feel like an abundant rich person!

Now just to be clear, realizing that what you really want is to feel abundant doesn’t mean that you won’t get your million dollars and you’ll be stuck as you are. It means that now you’re a match to that million dollars vibrationally because you’re feeling that abundance now. And hey,  you might end up with something even better than a million dollars.

So when a dream feels impossible to you, figure out the why. Find that feeling that you think you’ll get from the job, the lover,  the money…and learn to live that feeling right now as you are. Soon you’ll see you can have anything you want!

Happy manifesting!

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Your Dreams

I had an idea for a blog post over the weekend but then I forgot it…but now this bit of insightful wisdom popped into my head so I’m gonna roll with it.

Do you have a dream? If you’re young do you know what you want to do with your life? What you want a degree in? And if you’re not as young and you’re bored with where you are in life, do you know what you want next?

Some of you may answer with a definitive “yes!” while some (maybe a lot) will say “eh, not really” or “nope”.

I’ve got a surprise for you. You do know what your dream is. You know what you want. I mean, if you don’t know what you want then who else would? Your parents? Your friends? Society?

Deep down you know what you want and for some reason you might be afraid to admit it to yourself and to others. I understand this. Here’s my story:

Whenever someone asked me what I want to do, be or study my answer would always be the same “business” . That was my answer because my older sister did business and my mom thought business was a good choice that would make a lot of money. But in reality I knew what I wanted (or didn’t want) but was afraid to say it. I didn’t want to get a degree and work a corporate job. I wanted to stay at home and take care of my kids and maybe do volunteer work with animals. Obviously I couldn’t tell that to my family who was always advocating for me to “be independent” and “never depend on a man”.

“What do you want to do in the future?”
“Be a stay at home mom. ”

I accepted my dream. Hey I want to be a stay at home mom and that was okay. After realizing and accepting (but not necessarily announcing it to the world) that that was my dream I was able to get down to the root of that desire. I realized that I didn’t necessarily want to be a stay at home mom, I wanted the freedom to stay at home, to be financially independent so that I didn’t have to rely on a 9-5(8-4) office job. Now I’ve gotten more clear about what I want. And it all started with accepting the first clue that my subconscious gave me about what I wanted.

At the moment I don’t want to go to university to get a degree and then get a “good job”. I’m going to university though for the fun experience and learning new things and appeasing my family. But I know what I want. I let go of the fear that my dream was weird or taboo and that led me to clarity.

Moral of the story:  listen to that dream you have deep down and accept it. It will lead you to true happiness .

Bye for now.

I Tried Shaving Cream/ Product Review

So I am 20 going on 21 but I’ve been shaving for a long time (probably from the time I noticed I had hair growing in places lol) but I have never once used shaving cream. My friends who started shaving after me though have graduated to hair removal creams so I think it’s time to catch up.

So I bought a small bottle of Skintimate Moisturizing Shaving Gel in Raspberry Rain. I have no plans on showing off my legs anytime soon and my legs weren’t that hairy (I shave once a week) I but I decided to try it out tonight anyway.

I got in the shower/tub and showered away because I read it’s best to shave after showering. After I was done put some shaving cream on the places to be shaved and rub it all in…because it was fun to rub it in. Lol. And then I went to grab my razor but…I forgot to bring one from the new pack in the shower with me so I left the bathroom walked to my room kind of wet and covered in shaving cream to get a razor. I’m glad no one was around. Finally time to shave and I shave as normal and then rinse it away and exit the bathroom.

The smell is very nice but when I brought it closer to my nose it had a kind of chemical scent to it which I didn’t like.

In terms of shaving I don’t feel like there was a huge difference because my legs were just as smooth with a razor and soap or conditioner. In fact initially after shaving my skin felt dry. After a few minutes of just sitting in my room naked I felt my legs and they felt…softer or more moisturized than usual. So I suppose it’s somewhat moisturizing.

So I can exactly rate it as this is my first time using a shaving cream. I will say that I used coconut oil once and the results were better. Will I be repurchasing? Probably not. And besides I don’t see my boyfriend as much these days so I don’t really care about smooth shaved legs as much…or maybe it’s cause I love myself more so I’m okay with however I look?

Who knows. Bye for now. And thanks to AriesIntrovert and Cucking Frazy for liking my last post!

Why do we like to suffer?

I know what you’re thinking “Are you crazy? Who in their right mind likes to suffer?” But here me out, it’s true.

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction, which basically states that we influence the world around us by our thoughts/feelings/vibrations. So that means if you’re suffering, you’re the one causing it. Now I’m not pointing the finger at you and saying shame on you, no I am merely stating an empowering fact.

You by your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are influencing your world (experiences) and making yourself miserable. That means that you aslo have the power to end the suffering and cause peace and abundance and happiness and whatever else you want in your life to happen. But the truth is that somewhere deep down inside , you don’t want to.

The suffering is serving you somehow and you want to let it go but at the same time…you don’t.

Let’s take me for example. My periods suck. I’m miserable, I’m in pain, I’m uncomfortable and I have to deal with this and still be at work all day. Plus it lasts for 5-7 days! Now that is suffering. So why hasn’t it changed? Because I didn’t want it to change on some level. My suckish periods gave me an excuse to be miserable, complain, have something to blame and sometimes (at home mostly) it got me sympathy and got me out of doing work.  When you look at it this way, you can see why I’d actually want to be miserable during my period.

And it gets worse…at some point I realized this was my problem (that I like suffering cause I got sympathy) and I made no effort to change it! Sure I would try actions to ease the pain but on the inside (where it counts) I still wanted the sympathy. I have decided that enough is enough now and I am ready to change that belief that periods suck.

Now I implore you, look at the suffering in your life. Do you really want it to go away? Or are you holding on to it for some reason. Maybe you’re like me and you want sympathy for your pain or maybe it’s an excuse not to do something :
e.g I’m not pretty enough so people don’t like me so I don’t try to be social or make friends.

I’m not smart enough to do well in school so I don’t bother with it

Whatever the reason is, if you’re ready for a change you need to let go of the comfort that the suffering brings.

That’s all the at work wisdom I have for today.

You Are Not Your Body


You are not your body…you are what’s on the inside. Some may say you are “the brain” or “a soul” that is inside the body.

I’ve had this somewhat mind-blowing ( i say somewhat because i already knew thia on aome level) revelation of how true it is. Our brain is in charge of how our bodies. So naturally a healthy mind is key to a healthy body. And that is why it is so important to have a healthy mind.

Positive thinking is not for saps but it could in fact be the key to a healthy and happy life. Now when I say positive thinking I don’t mean being in denial and forcing yourself to be happy. If you’re dirt poor that doesn’t mean thinking:

“there are more important things than money”

and trying to be happy about that. No! You have to realize “I’m poor and I hate it but at least I can still manage to buy food/pay rent/whatever you can still do even if you’re poor” and then genuinely believe that.  If you’re having positive thoughts about life, others, yourself  then I am pretty darn sure your life will be much better. I  a believer in that and in the Law of Attraction (I’ll talk about it another time) and my life is pretty darn great. Most people tell me I’m “lucky”.

You could say “what if you are lucky? ” Well it could be the case but I certainly wasn’t lucky back when I was 14, depressed and suicidal. So I believe my thinking had something to do with it.

Also on the note of ‘you are not your body’, ladies I’d like to repeat YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY! If there is someone in your life only interested in your body, they are not interested in the real you…only the sack of flesh and skeleton that you are operating. And if you’re the one focused on your body (in the negative sense) cut it some slack. After all it’s only following the instructions that you (whether consciously or subconsciously) gave it. Show it some love and positivity and you’ll be surprised at what happens.

Yep, that’s the kind of deep wisdom I can share at 9:56 am while at work…eating cheesy foods. lol.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment! Share your (positive) thoughts!